Are you someone who goes with the flow, or takes charge of your life? Do you prefer cosy nights or sunny days? Whatever your personality, we’ve got a set of Cosy Club sheets for you!

Using colour psychology and anecdotes from our staff and customers, we’ve deduced what your favourite Cosy Club Inspired Sheets say about you. Scroll down and see for yourself!

Earthly Pumpkin:

It doesn’t matter the season; every day is pumpkin spice day! You like warm, spicy food, and always have a mug of hot chocolate ready to go for friends in need. You’re a home chef and your pantry is always overflowing with exotic spices, giant tubs of flour, and the latest Masterchef gadgets. You’re happiest in autumn and winter, not just because its an excuse to sit by the fire – you see beauty in the things that others don’t, like the crunch of falling leaves and the uniqueness of snowflakes.

Deep Ocean:

You have a deep, rich inner life. You’re a daydreamer who loves to sit back with a good book or watch a movie while snuggled under the covers. You’re shy and sensitive, but you make strong and genuine connections with people that last a lifetime. You are constantly trying to write “that novel” – you’ll probably never finish, but it’s about the journey, not the destination! You have a personal tea collection and five thousand mugs, but you only ever use one because it’s your favourite. You like visits to the aquarium, and you probably have an exotic pet, whether it’s a snake, fish or ferrets. You thrive in the winter, when there’s no better excuse to tell stories around an open fire with marshmallows and endless cups of tea.


Stone Navy:

No ifs, no buts, you’re a no-nonsense person who sticks to your promises. You love routine and order. Despite a rigid schedule, you’re a teddy bear with a heart of gold, and all your friends know it. Sometimes you get too caught up in your work and find it hard to relax, and you have a habit of lifting other people before yourself. Don’t forget to put yourself first sometimes! When you relax, you’ll feel the weight of the world come off your shoulders.

Vanilla Rhubarb:

You wanted to be Nigella Lawson when you grow up. You’re a very sensory person – you love unique textures, colours, flavours, smells and aesthetics. You love to cook at home, though it might not always go according to plan! You love crafting your space and you’re proud of how you keep your home. Your idea of a perfect night in is reading a book in a bathtub filled with rose petals and a glass of red wine or Moscato. You’re the perfect host for endless mimosa brunches with the ladies. You dream of retiring to a Parisian apartment and living life lavishly with fresh croissants, premium espresso, and of course the French joie de vivre.

Ash Grey:

You don’t care for frills and chills – you’re a minimalist at heart. You own two copies of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – one to read and one to lend. You’re deeply curious and philosophical, and often find yourself on internet deep dives into the latest theories of the life, the universe, and everything. But just because you’re minimal doesn’t mean you’re not fun! Your home is the one people flock to when they need a night out, and you have regularly scheduled movie/board game nights with your closest friends. Unfortunately, you’re also the friend who everyone asks when they need help cleaning! Oh well, it’s nice to know they’re thinking of you!

Lemon Lime:

You have a zest for life and everything in it! You’re an extrovert who loves being the life of the party. You want to be included in anything, everything, all the time! You’re the kind of generous friend who orders drinks for the table and insists on paying for the first date. You’re a social butterfly who always has plans, and you always keep them.

Camel Olive:

You are a person of the world. You’ve travelled far and wide to find the place you belong, and you have sentimental treasures all over your home to show it. Some people would describe your style as ‘quirky’ or ‘eclectic’, but other designers would call it Boho. You actually like the taste of wheatgrass and getting up for yoga a 3am. You have ‘a guy’ for everything – from sourcing the best plant cuttings to DIY plumbing at a moment’s notice. Your life has been rich and full of adventure…and there’s much, much more to come!

Blush Beige:

You are very down to Earth. You prefer to take things slow, and that’s okay! You always measure twice, cut once. You’re a hopeless romantic who loves watching classic rom-coms and dreaming of the perfect meet cute. You also LOVE Disney films, and would live in the parks if you could. You have big dreams, and long-term goals to accomplish them, but you’re happy to follow wherever life takes you. You like creative pursuits; you’re probably a beauty, art, or creative writing blogger. Whatever your situation, your life will be filled with warmth, love and happiness.

Marine Lagoon:

Your body is on Earth but your heart belongs to the sea and sky. Travelling is in your blood, whether it’s physically getting up and moving across the globe or travelling across the fantasy lands of a good book. If given the choice of a superpower, you always pick flight. You might also have a secret daredevil streak, which is perfect for cliff diving or bungee jumping into the great unknown.

Candy Floss:

Despite the innocent sweet-as-sugar exterior, you have incredible Boss Babe energy. You role models are Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon), P!nk and Peach PRC. You’re secure in your identity and you’re not afraid to flaunt it! If you set your mind to it, it’s as good as done. The world is your oyster, and don’t you know it! You are fiercely protective of your friends and family – nobody better cross you, or else! Don’t forget, pink isn’t just for girls...we see you boys, and we love you too!

Did we get it right? Tag yourself and your favourite Cosy Club Inspired colour combination @cosyclubau on Instagram, and tell us how we did!

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