Are you someone who goes with the flow, or takes charge of your life? Do you prefer cosy nights or sunny days? Whatever your personality, we’ve got a set of Cosy Club sheets for you!

Using colour psychology and anecdotes from our staff and customers, we’ve deduced what your favourite Cosy Club Essentials Sheets say about you. Scroll down and see for yourself!


You’re an optimist who won’t let anyone rain on your parade. You’re a cheerful morning person who radiates sunshine and positive vibes. Your room is probably full of flowers from various admirers, or fresh from the garden, and lots of forgotten empty cups of tea. You love summer, the beach, and being outdoors as much as possible. If there’s a party to be at, you’re there – unless you’re hosting! Your life is full of fun, joy, and early sunrises.

Pearl Grey:

Your friends would describe you as the Mum of the group. You’re often the peacemaker or the voice of reason. You have distinct personalities for every occasion: Work You, Home You, and Social You. You’re shy at first, but once you open up to somebody you really let your true colours show. People are often surprised by your tastes and interests, but they’ve been there all along! You’re deeply caring, generous and compassionate, and above all loyal to those you love. Your favourite seasons are Spring and Autumn – you think both are beautiful and you avoid the extreme weather. Your room is probably filled with sentimental objects from your lifetime, and you treasure every one of them.


You are a person who values honesty, reliability and self-sufficiency. You’re introverted, but you make friends for life. You prefer form over function and simplicity over frills. You like routine and are mostly set in your ways, but you’ll go out of your way to help someone in need – it’s the right thing to do. You like natural light, but don’t enjoy the extreme heat of summer. People think you enjoy rainy days and thunderstorms, but you actually enjoy going for walks and running your hands through foliage. Your room might be empty besides a cupboard and maybe a television, but your desk at work or your living room cabinets hold your real treasures – collections from your travels, and lots of pictures.

Cloud White:

You’re either a daydreamer or a perfectionist. As a daydreamer, you love waking up in your own personal cloud, and your room is full of cosy nooks and crannies. You read horoscopes and have a collection of hobby supplies under the bed, probably tarot cards/art supplies/crystals/friendship bracelets/knitting yarn. White appeals to you because you love a blank canvas, and you love the opportunity for imagination and creativity. As a perfectionist, you like everything to be just-so and you probably lead a minimalist lifestyle. You make your bed every morning and you have a no-eating-in-the-bedroom rule (unless you lay out a blanket first!). You wish you could be a professional organiser. Whether you’re flexible or rigid, you are dedicated to being true to yourself and your friends consider you approachable, open-minded and eager to help. You know what you want out of life and are not afraid to grab it. You’ll make the most out of any weather.


You take your time making decisions. People would describe you as a chill person who they turn to for advice and problem solving. You’re a wiz at trivia and everyone wants you on their team during an Escape Room. You love winter because it’s a great excuse to wrap yourself in blankets and watch Netflix or read from your extensive book collection. You have a collection of teas in your kitchen which you keep adding to even though you can’t possibly drink it all. You like when it rains, because the sound helps you to fall asleep.


You are a traveller. You dream of waking up in a cabin above the water in Fiji. You’re a free spirit who lives with wild abandon. If there’s a thrill-seeking activity near you, you’ve already done it five times. Your body is in bed, but your heart is flying across oceans and mountains. You’re deeply compassionate – maybe you volunteer, or it’s in your future. Your room is full of plants, wall to ceiling succulents of every kind (though whether you remember to water them is another thing…). Just like the song, you love Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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