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When it comes to bed sheets, it’s not always as simple as just picking the right size and moving on. There are so many choices, it can be overwhelming! Luckily for you, if there’s one thing we know best at Cosy Club, it’s the kind of sheets you need.

The most important thing for you to know is what your bed sheet should be made of. While things like thread count are also important, a sheet’s material can make or break your sleeping habits. Make sure you’re choosing the right material for the job every time with our handy little guide.



The most divisive of the bunch, polyester on its own is a scratchy, rough, and not very breathable piece of fabric. However, if you’re looking for affordable sheets that don’t require a lot of work, a polyester blend might be just the right fit. They can be very comfortable but also easy to stain, as they will hold sweat and oils from your skin.



Microfiber is simply another type of polyester that is woven very finely. It is a lot more comfortable than its lower weave cousin, but suffers from the same breathability issues which may make it a poor choice during summer. It is also very durable and stain resistant, making it perfect for children (or snacking in bed...)



All linens are bed sheets, but not all bed sheets are linen! Linen is derived from flax, and creates a pillowy soft sheet with perfect breathability for those warm nights. Linen tends to get softer the more you wash it, so it’s an excellent long-term investment. Best of all, it’s hypoallergenic, so perfect for children and people with sensitive skin. The downside? You’ll have to make your bed every morning if you don’t want them to wrinkle.



The most popular and the most forgiving fabric, cotton sheets are the best all-rounder. It’s breathable, it’s durable, it’s affordable, it’s incredibly easy to clean, and like linen it will get softer after every wash. That’s why we make our Cosy Club sheet sets out of 100% cotton – it’s hard to beat such a great product. Keep an eye out though – cotton comes in many forms, each one suited to a different job and a different price point. Egyptian cotton comes out the most expensive and most luxurious, while you may recognise flannel cotton sheets as the material of choice over the winter season.



The most popular ‘eco-friendly’ material on this list, the bamboo plant grows quickly and is used to make all sorts of objects, including bedsheets. However – and this is a big warning for those committed to shopping sustainably – the type of bamboo sheet you get matters. Many bamboo sheets are made from bamboo rayon/viscose to create a soft, hypo-allergenic, thermo-regulating, bacteria resistant sheet. However, if you’re buying specifically to help the planet, turning bamboo pulp into rayon is a very chemically intensive process that is not-so-sustainable (unless you’re a company like ettitude, the creators of CleanBambooTM). Bamboo linen/bast fibres, on the other hand, are produced mechanically and without chemicals but are slightly more course and prone to wrinkling.



Made by our friends the silkworms, this material is the most expensive and often seen as the most luxurious. Incredibly cool and breathable, silk is another hypoallergenic option for the common hay fever sufferer. Unfortunately, this labour-intensive material comes with a hefty price tag, and if you’re texture-sensitive you might find silk sheets too slippery or awkward for sleeping. One thing you can’t deny...they look so gorgeous!

So, with all these choices in mind, what do you think your perfect bed sheet is made of?

Cosy Club’s 100% cotton sheets are guaranteed to give you a good night’s rest, and our 100% eco-friendly packaging will also give nature a break. They come in five simply gorgeous dual-colour styles: Vanilla Rhubarb, Deep Ocean, Camel Olive, Stone Navy and Earthly Pumpkin. Try them out for yourselves and order one of our complete sheet or quilt cover sets today!

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