It’s February and love is in the air! If you have a special someone in your life that you want to spoil this Valentine’s Day, consider doing it the Cosy Club way! We’ve got all sorts of great ideas for the partners that would rather spend the day in bed under the sheets than on the streets.

A future date booklet/coupons

Planning dates is tough work. Just like trying to decide what to eat for dinner, constantly having to decide where to go on a date can be a real brain drain. Take the stress out of date planning by giving your partner a booklet of already planned dates, from casual nights in to exciting nights out. If you don’t want to plan alone, spend the day with your partner brainstorming. You might learn about your partner’s secret desire to go scuba diving, or your subconscious need to learn square dancing. You’ll never have to plan another date again...until the book runs out of course.

Calendar and scheduled appointments with pins

Movie night

You can’t go past the classic Netflix and Chill. With so many streaming services at your fingertips, you’re guaranteed to find something you both want to watch. If that’s too old hat for you, why not spice it up? Buy a home projector and popcorn for the cinema experience. Pick two movies with the worst titles and pretend you’re high-end critics. Choose movies you loved from your childhood. The possibilities are endless!

family mother father and children watching projector

Trivia night

Do you really know everything there is to know about your partner? Put together a quiz and find out! You can play Newlywed Game style, where you both answer the same question about your relationship, or you can pretend you’re taking a surprise pop quiz. The loser gets to do the dishes, while the winner gets some well-deserved bragging rights.

Coffee, Trivia, and A Chill Night With Friends

Cardless games

No games at home? No worries! There are tons of fun games you can play at home with little to no pieces, cards, or anything! Game Night Gods has a great list to start with, or there are plenty of apps and websites for digital game nights. Couples that play together, stay together!

a couple playing video game on a console, sitting on couch in living room.

Escape room

Thanks to the global pandemic, a lot of our favourite activities have learned to flourish in the online world. There are countless Escape Room companies who have crafted digital scavenger hunts just for you. All you need is a laptop, a partner, and a big brain for puzzle solving.

Bedroom Spa

Technically this one is bed adjacent, but who doesn’t love a nice spa day? Run a hot bath with some candles and essential oils. Soak your feet in a foot spa (or, if you’re on a budget, a bucket will do). Time out with a facial. Learn some basic massage techniques to use on your partner. By the time you’re done, you’ll be ready for bed one way or another.

The love languages test and other thoughtful questions

If you’ve never read about the 5 love languages, it’s definitely worth a look. Developed by Gary Chapman in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts, he describes five unique styles of communicating love: receiving gifts, quality time, acts of service, physical touch and words of affirmation. He theorises that, although most of us relate to all of these languages, only one of them speaks to us the most. Finding out what your partner’s love language is will help you communicate better and understand each other’s needs. If you already know about these or want to try something else, You could try this deck of thought provoking questions from The School of Life or this Not-so-Newlywed mix from The Dating Divas.

Bedroom picnic

Breakfast in bed is fine and all, but what about an all out picnic? Spread out a tartan blanket, grab your favourite dips and biscuits or pull out a full picnic spread, and dig in! Best done with disposable plates and cutlery so there’s no clean-up. If you’re feeling cheeky, maybe chase it down with a wine tasting kit?

The perfect mixtape

Do you miss the days you handed your crush a mixtape that you made with your own two hands, telling them how much they mean to you? You can recreate the feeling for yourself with Mixtape The Game. Answer questions like “What song reminds you of your hometown?” with your song of choice. Of course, if you don’t want to play the ‘official’ game, you can make your own questions and use Youtube or Spotify to create your Valentine’s Day Playlist.

hand holding a 80s tape audio cassette labeled mixtape

Stroll down memory lane

Sometimes you can be together so long you forget what the early days were like. Pull out any old photo albums and go through them together, whether you’re reminiscing about your relationship or your childhoods. Depending on your creativity, you might even want to spend the day scrapbooking together. How cute!

Looking and sorting love story wedding photographs

...and of course, after a long day of lovely dates and delights, you’re going to want to slink into some beautiful sheets!

Happy Valentine’s day, love Cosy Club <3


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