When we need a fitted sheet, most of us will just use whatever was provided to us in a pack of sheets, then wonder why they keep slipping off in the middle of the night. As it turns out, not all fitted sheets are created equally, and there are some things you should consider before purchasing the first sheets you see.

The first and most important step is to measure your mattress, specifically it’s depth. The deeper the mattress, the deeper fitted sheet you are going to need for it to go on and stay on. Don’t forget to include the mattress topper, if you use one.

Some sheet manufacturers will list the ideal mattress depth for their sheets on the label. Others will mention something called pocket depth. You want to purchase a fitted sheet with a pocket depth 2-inches more than your mattress depth.

If the manufacturer doesn’t list numbers and only lists sizes, a standard pocket typically fits mattresses 12 inches high, while deep and extra deep pockets range from 15-22 inches.

Next up, what material are you using? Bamboo, satin and silk sheets are inherently more slippery than other materials. You might benefit from putting a rough sheet like fleece or flannel between the fitted sheet and mattress, or just buy that material to begin with. If you’re worried about other things like thread count, you can check out our blog on different bedding materials.

Already have a fitted sheet and don’t want to replace it? You can easily find all kinds of sheet fasteners from suspenders to clip-ons. These will easily hold onto your sheets while you toss and turn. If you want to use things from home, you can sew velcro onto the sheet and the mattress, use double sided fabric tape, or sew on a stripe of sheeting fabric. Safety pins are also an option, but if pinned incorrectly are likely to tear the mattress or the sheet, so use them wisely!

Here are some other fitted sheet tips:

  • Always loosing which way the sheet is supposed to go? Look for the tag…it should always be on the right foot of the bed. If that doesn’t work, get fitted sheets with a pattern like stripes.
  • Cut out all the hassle with zip up fitted sheets. Buy them or use a little sewing magic to make your own.
  • Put the top corners on first – they’re usually the hardest to stretch over the mattress, particularly if you have a headboard in the way!
  • Buy your fitted sheets at Cosy Club…okay, that last one isn’t necessary, but we do have a great range of cosy sheets that we think you’ll love!
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