A good night’s sleep is more than just shutting your eyes. If you sleep is suffering, you may be suffering from poor sleep hygiene. But what does that even mean?!

While your actual hygiene does contribute to your sleep hygiene – whether you wash your sheets regularly or sleep on a dodgy mattress – your bedtime routine will have the biggest impact. Do you wind down by watching Netflix, or reading a book? How late do you eat before bed? Have you had coffee, alcohol, or medication? All these factors contribute to your overall sleep hygiene.

As sleep enthusiasts, we at Cosy Club are here to help you get a better night’s sleep by sharing with you our top tips for a full night’s rest.


Keep a consistent, regular sleep schedule

The best way to have healthy sleep is to create a routine and stick to it. It may be tempting to watch one more episode, or scroll for five more minutes, but the more consistently you stick to a routine the better.


Regular exercise

Regular exercise throughout the day is not only a great way to improve your general health, but studies have shown it also helps you sleep! 30+ minutes a day will help reduce the risk of disease, and the risk of insomnia!


Turn off electronic devices

This one seems like a no-brainer, but how many of us have been guilty of checking for that last email at 2am? Many of our phones and other electronics emit blue light, which helps us to focus during the day but can stop us from turning our brains off in the evening. if you absolutely can’t live without your night-time scroll, consider investing in a pair of blue light blocking glasses. Otherwise, turning all devices off an hour before you go to bed will greatly increase your chances of staying asleep.


Cut the coffee!

We know, we know. That mid-afternoon coffee is tempting but depending on your tolerance you might be better off skipping it. Like the blue light in our phones, coffee is a great way to stay awake and attentive during the day but becomes a massive hurdle when you’re trying to get some shut eye. You should also be careful drinking alcohol – while it can help you go to sleep initially, it may also disrupt your sleep cycle during the night and increase the risk/effects of sleep apnea.


Use your bed only for sleep...and one other thing

As cool as it is to be able to snuggle up in bed with a movie, you might be training your brain to associate bed with daytime activities instead of a cosy night’s sleep. You’re better off investing in a totally comfortable couch and having your snuggly date night there instead. As for the other’s naps of course! What did you think we meant? On that note...


Limit napping

Everyone loves naps, but they don’t always love you back. Have you ever napped and woken up groggy because it was ONLY supposed to be an hour but it’s suddenly 4pm? Nap to nightmare! That’s why, if you must take a nap, experts recommend you keep it to 30 minutes – enough to power you up without ruining your sleep cycle.


Never go to bed angry/or stressed

The old adage “Never go to bed angry” is not just great for relationships, but also for your sleep. If you find yourself stressed or annoyed, try to wind down with whatever helps you relax; mediation, a spritz of your favourite essential oils on your pillow, a hot bath, whatever takes you to your cosy place.


Keep it cool

Studies have shown that sleeping in a cool room is crucial for the perfect sleep. Sounds weird right? Well, science says that it has to do with our circadian rhythm and or core body temperature, which begins to drop at the same time the sleep hormone melatonin is released in our bodies. You may love your covers hot and heavy, but the best temperature for sleep is 18.3°C.


Avoid the late-night snack

With our busy lives you may be tempted to put off dinner, but the process of digestion may be keeping you up at night. Next time you get the tummy rumbles before bed, you’re better reaching for a glass of water or a cup of non-caffeinated tea.


Have cosy bed linens and mattress!

Finally, to have a good night’s sleep you must have the right equipment. That second-hand Ikea bed may have looked good a few years ago, but if your legs are sticking over the edge or that one side has started to sag, it’s probably time to go. Same goes for your mattress, your pillows, your duvet, right down to your bedsheets.

That’s where we come in! Cosy Club has an amazing range of soft, 100% cotton sheets and quilt cover sets to help you doze off to dreamland. Super breathable, hypoallergenic, and lightweight, you’re sure to have the cosiest sleep on Earth. Choose from one of our five colour combinations and order today!

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