If you’ve ever bought sheets you may have wondered what’s so important about thread count. Those 1000TC bed sheets might sound super appealing – the higher the better, right? – but that feeling usually goes away once you look at the price tag. If you’re looking for bed sheets that are soft on your bed and your wallet, does that mean you are skimping on true comfort, or is it just another number?

Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. The more threads, the more tightly woven the fabric is, which does generally translate to a softer fabric. Unfortunately, the higher thread count often comes with a higher price tag, and those numbers get pretty steep. Don’t be fooled though – its the quality of those threads that really counts. That 1000TC bed sheet set might sound great, but if it’s made of rubbish then nothing will make it worth your money. As with many things, it’s quality over quantity that really matters.


So then, what should you be looking for when buying a new sheet set? The kind folks over at have created an excellent resource on thread counts you should be looking for. Here are some of the basic ranges:

  • Cotton sheets and percale weave are ideal at 200-400TC.
  • Egyptian cotton is a little smoother at 300-400TC.
  • Sateen weave and Bamboo are ideal at 300-600TC.
  • Linen is a surprising outlier, sitting ideally at 80-140TC.

Other materials such as microfiber, flannel and jersey cotton are measured completely differently with grams per square metre (GSM), while silk is measured in momme (weight per 45 inches x 100 yards).

If the thread count is higher than what you see listed, you’re likely paying less for comfort and more for the illusion of quality, or the brand label.

Cosy Club sheets and quilt cover sets sit at a comfortable 300TC – the goldilocks zone of cotton sheets. We’re not too thick, not too thin...just right! We’re especially just right for you, with our 100% cotton threads. With five gorgeously simple colour combos, you’re sure to find the right sheets for you in our range. Visit our store to find out more, and don’t forget to follow us on Instagram to stay up to date with the latest goes on sheets.


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